Election Fever Recovery

I was a smarter woman in the days of my youth. Up until this year, I took the day following midterm and presidential elections off work. Why? Because whether it’s good news or bad news, Andy and I can pretty much count on staying up way too late watching election returns and drinking heavily. Last night was no exception to this time-honored tradition; I had to stay up to see how it ended. And now, as I take the metro in to work, I am filled with regret for agreeing to take meetings today. I had the day blocked off my calendar, but then, when the scheduling requests came in, I’m like, “Yeah, okay. It’s a nice-to-have, not a need-to-have. It’ll be fine. Other high-functioning adults get things done after elections and so can I.” So I took the hold off my calendar and filled it with things where I’ll be using my brain, pretending like I didn’t stay up until 2 AM to see what the hell was going on with the Maryland governor’s race, among other train wrecks.
Fortunately, even though I spent most of the night drinking Irish whiskey out of a coffee mug, I’m somehow non-hungover. I’m not really even tired. I just have a very strong desire to stay home with my toddler and watch Sesame Street all day. And maybe go to the zoo. And probably watch 1000 hours of MSNBC.
As soon as I get to my computer, I’m putting in a time off request for 2016. I’ll may need to nurse a hangover, or I may need to go spent some quality time with the pandas at the National Zoo. Either way, I’ll be busy with pressing issues.