A Gallery of Dadas

Charlie sees Dada in a lot of places these days. Any dude who looks to be in his late 30s is a dada, and particular figures around the home are, without argument, the renderings of the Dada.:

  1. “This is Dada,” except “Dada has no jammies.”

This morning’s Dada. Also of note, “Dada likes pink medicine.” 

2. “This is Dada and Mom.”

IMG_1008 (1).jpg

Every time he sees this book, he will bring it over and tell me that it’s Dada and Mom. I dig it. There are certainly less flattering images of us out there.

3. “Dada has hair.”


WWE’s Bo Dallas stars as “Dada.” There might be a resemblance in the eyebrows.

4. “Look! It’s Dada!”


Yessssssssss. Real Dada was not keen on this comparison. It remains my favorite.

5. “Play with Dada. Dada has boots.”


C.M. Punk was the first Dada stand-in. Charlie was SUPER excited to find this Dada doll on his shelf one day. I think Charlie believes in his heart that this action figure was indeed made in the image of his father. Andy’s way more into this notion than the Richard Nixon paper doll.

In conclusion, we are all of us Dada.


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