I Wrote a Book

I wrote a real live actual book, which exists in a space outside of the Internet. Tomorrow, you will be able to buy it and possess it, if you want to. You will still have to make use of the Internet if you’d like to engage in that transaction, since I’m not yet big-time enough to take up an end cap at Barnes & Noble. But you’re savvy, and you’re already reading this blog, so you can probably handle the non-challenge of e-commerce.

My friend, graphic designer Melody Cook, approached me about working on this project together, and I’m really pleased with how it turned out. It’s a kid’s book, but for parents, as is the style these days. It’s called A Quick Guide to Childproofing Your Death Trap of a Home. Her illustrations are what I want my life to look like. I read a million baby books and panicky/preachy email bulletins from reputable sources, and then condensed the wisdom into 24 pages of illustrated jokes, without ever fully getting to the task of childproofing my own home. I think you’ll like it.

More information about how to purchase this book of splendour coming soon; for now, please just think on these things and let the anticipation build.

Is it building?


Childproofing Cover - 04


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