Extended Nursing Nap

It’s cool and rainy, and it’s late on a Saturday morning when I don’t have anywhere to be. Charlie finished running around like a crazy person and having breakfast, and transitioned into snuggly nursing time. He’s almost 15 months old and still nursing like it’s
his job, which I was not expecting. Andy and I even took a whole week away for our 10th wedding anniversary at the beginning of the month (in Jamaica! It was amazing!), and the first thing Charlie did when I walked back in the door was reach out to me and start head-butting me in the clavicle with his mouth open. “Unh?” This translates to, “Your boobs are home! Hooray!” I’d been pumping while we were gone just in case he still had interest when we got back, but not expecting that he would.
So I nursed him this morning after breakfast, feeling very much like a mammal. Pajamas and parenting blogs often feel like the only thing separating us from our ape-cousins. But this lazy, post-nursing snuggle-nap is pretty damn great. I intend to let him nurse as long as he maintains an adamant interest, as long as that interest doesn’t last past when he’s old enough to remember what my boobs look like. Not sure when that is exactly. His second birthday?



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