You May Enjoy: MILFY

Premiering at El Cid’s Web Series Unplugged event tonight in Silver Lake is a thing you might like: a new web series called MILFY. Per the press release, “To help overcome postpartum depression, new mom creates a comedic web series about what goes on behind the curtains of unlikely motherhood.” Fortunately, I’m all for working through postpartum issues through comedy. (It’s really the best way to work through all issues. What’s the other option? Poetry? No.)

Screen shot of MILFY, stolen off the internet from this site:

Screen shot of MILFY, stolen off the internet from this site:

Chantelle Tibbs, the creator of the series, is a follower of Hipster Mother on Facebook and asked if I’d have a look at the show and let her know what I thought. That’s always a prospect I have mixed feelings about because, “Yay, new content that’s relevant to my interests!,” but also “What if it’s baaaaad? Then what do I say?” Fortunately, it was really enjoyable (good comedic timing by all involved), and you might like watching it too. They are very short episodes that you can watch between chasing your toddler. “There are a lot of pictures out there of what a mother should look like.” says Chantelle. “Ana is a woman in her early thirties who was in a band, and going to concerts. She’s an awesome representation of what more and more moms are looking like today. I feel part of my postpartum anxiety and depression stemmed from feeling an intense pressure to completely change who I was in order to be a ‘good mother’ when in fact maintaining my integrity has been one of the most helpful tools in my transition into motherhood.”

If you’re in the L.A. area and looking for something to do tonight, the premiere at El Cid is $8 at the door. If that describes you not at all, you can watch the videos here:

Episode 4 Part 1…
Episode 4 Part Two…
Until it’s released in a more official capacity, you need the password. Password: cougar
Enjoy, everyone.

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