You Guys Are Awesome

Seriously. Because of your contributions to The Therapy Fund, as it currently stands, I only need to pay $13 out of pocket for tonight’s appointment. (As we’ve discussed, therapy is for rich people.) And knowing that there are a two hand fulls of people who are willing to throw a fiver or a tenspot at me (and even a $20 donation!) so that my brain doesn’t break my body this week, or perhaps just because you like my jokes on the internet and want them to keep flowing, is truly warming to my cold, dead heart. Way better for my general wellbeing than whatever guided imagery bullshit I’ll have to sit through tonight. (I know guided imagery works because of science and everything, but it just FEELS so dumb. It requires me to think of a lot of metaphors. For a person who works in the arts, I am surprisingly disposed to think that metaphors are malarkey. So is most poetry, probably because of the metaphors. But I digress.)

If you would like to contribute to The Therapy Fund to help me cover the remainder of tonight’s appointment, or even propel me into next week, I would find you to be super. If you’d like instead to continue to be just friends without monetary benefits, that’s super, too. You follow your heart, and I’ll just leave this PayPal button here.

Donate Button with Credit Cards

I will also look for a more sustainable model of conquering my neurological deficits that doesn’t require me to resort to internet panhandling on the regular. Then maybe I could switch over to the Brain Pickings model of a donate widget that’s more in the spirit of, “If you like this kind of writing, why not support it with money?,” rather than, “Guys, guys, guys! I need therapy!”


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