Therapy Is For Rich People

I’m four sessions into the cognitive psychotherapy that, ideally, will help me to manage stress and anxiety in such a way as to no longer cause me to have fibromyalgia flair-ups. To see someone who is:

A) Not herself entirely loony
B) Located a reasonable distance from my office
C) Well-regarded by my OB/GYN (who’s managing my medication)
D) Currently taking new patients
E) … With appointments available in the very early evening, and
F) Qualified to handle my particular set of issues, which include but are not limited to:

  1. Postpartum stuff
  2. Emotional aspects of physical disability
  3. Neurological aspects of physical disability
  4. Generally being high-strung with a metric buttload of emotional issues to work through

… All requires me to go out-of-network. Even if my only requirements were to see a practitioner who is:

A) In-Network, and
B) Taking new patients
… I would be out of luck. At least I was out of luck the last time I placed a series of phone calls with only those two criteria in mind.

I have out-of-network mental health benefits, so I committed to six appointments to see how the financial stuff shakes out.

I just got my first explanation of benefits from my health insurance provider. The financial stuff is not shaking out.

The good news, though, is that my emergency in-patient mental health care is cheap as chips on this plan, so when I finally snap, I’ll only have to pay the ER co-pay on my way to my padded cell.

I think my therapist will understand when I inevitably break up with her. She used to work in my industry herself. I asked why she decided to change careers; turns out that the arts didn’t pay.



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