Sleep Training

Charlie hasn’t slept in his crib since mid-February. I’m not totally sure what happened, but I think it was to do with teething. Anyway, his pediatrician gave me the business for co-sleeping with Charlie while Andy sleeps in the guest room, even though it’s clearly the BEST arrangement (because we all sleep soundly all night long!) and totally a sustainable model (except no it’s not!). She said I was teaching him bad sleep hygiene. This is for sure true. Andy and I both have terrible sleep hygiene ourselves, as evidenced by the fact that I’m writing this while in bed and on my phone, watching episodes of Bob’s Burgers on Hulu Plus until I finally give into sleep. This is how sleep happens every night, and it doesn’t hurt if I’ve had some wine. But Charlie can maybe do better, so we established a bedtime routine that involves him being in the crib ALL NIGHT LONG. He hates it. And if he hadn’t rolled out of my bed and onto the hardwood floor on Friday night, I would have probably let him sleep in my bed until his psychologist protested. But he did, so we’re on Day 4 of sleep training. It’s terrible. And I’m probably doing it wrong. Charlie sleeps a little, on his feet until he falls and starts crying.

Here’s a photo from the baby monitor, which I’m finally using now that I’ve let Charlie out of my sight for more that 30 seconds.
It’s after midnight. He’s been “in bed” for three hours, and I’ve been doing the thing where I go in and comfort him without picking him up. It’s great until I try to leave, at which point it’s terrible.
Now I’m just going to pretend that his intermittent screams are soothing ocean sounds, and I’m gonna try to roll over and go to sleep. Wish me luck.
PS- I don’t have the will to edit this post. Please accept my apologies if it’s terrible. Everything will maybe be terrible forever.



  1. oh sweetie I am so sorry you are having to go through this 😦 I know from firsthand experience how heart wrenching it is. Hang in there and know that it will all be for the best! It’s just horrible now! ((((HUGS)))) to you my beautiful DIL xoxoox

  2. Oh, I know this so well. I remember the first New Years Eve we had Sam. He was 8 months old. Rick & I sat on the sofa, holding hands pretending to watch TV, while Sam screamed his head off, standing in his crib for 3 hours. We were actually holding hands for moral support and to keep one another from running to his door to peek in & make sure his head wasn’t caught between the crib slats. This was in the “Olden Days” before baby monitors were affordable to young parents!

    1. Linda, that sounds awful! I’m so glad to have the video monitor. Now I only have to go in and check on him when he stops crying, to make sure he hasn’t suddenly died.

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