Rebrand Complete

Since I went ahead and had that baby that this blog had been leading up to, I’ve switched the name of this endeavor from “Hipster Pregnancy” to “Hipster Mother.” You can still get here by going to, but now you can also arrive at my adventures by going to Also! New Twitter handle. Y’all will want to follow @hipster_mother on the Twitter Machine, as @hipsterpregnancy is going dark.

My “real me” Twitter account had far more followers than my Hipster Pregnancy account, and for the sake of synergy/branding/ego, that’s the account that got converted. I used to be @fancylarue, but have changed my identity to reflect the fact that I now have a child. Because that’s what being a mother is all about: Ceasing to be yourself the moment you become a mom. Right?

Next stop: Mom Jeans.

Now if you’ll pardon me, my son has some obstructive boogers that I need to tend to.

But I’ll be tending to them while wearing rhinestone cat-eye glasses, so I’m probably still a hipster.




  1. I’m not sure when you started owning up to being a hipster (when you got pregnant is my best guess due to the name of your blog) but I like it and I approve. What I wonder is if you can keep it up – maybe you should lock down Hipster Grandma while we’re talking about it?

    1. Andy & I actually owned up to being hipsters prompted by the argument between you & Adam a couple of years ago about whether the title fit us. We took the question to our Savvy Observer listeners, & over the course of a few episodes it became clear that we were overwhelmingly viewed as hipsters. So I went ahead & leaned in, since I think it makes me sound hip. And young & thin, & like I go to concerts for bands you’ve never heard of.

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