OMG, Nap Time!

Holy crap, the baby went down for an unattended nap in the bassinet for like 25 whole minutes! As soon as it was clear that he was going to actually stay asleep (a novelty, since the surest way to wake him up is to put him in his bassinet), I was nearly overwhelmed with exciting possibilities: Should I use this time to write the Great American Novel? Or to eat a sandwich? Or to start that giant load of poopy/barfy laundry so that my child & I have something to wear after he inevitably pees all over both of us in an hour? Should I take him for a little walk in the neighborhood so he can get some fresh air, like his pediatrician says I should be doing every day but have only done twice? Or should I take a nap? Wait, I should square away the hotel reservation for my cousin’s wedding. Or should I finish addressing these birth announcements? Get started on thank-you cards? I should change the increasingly filthy shower liner. Wait, I’m pretty hungry & should go back to that sandwich plan. Or should I pump, since I feel like I might start leaking & his bottle-ready supply has dwindled? (He feeds about every hour & has usually tapped me out by bedtime, so I try to pump whenever possible so that we have a bottle of breast milk to give him before bed.) Should I brush the cats so Charlie’s clean onesies will collect less cat fur? Should I arrange my closet so that I can find my few tops I’m able to nurse in? Should I organize Charlie’s drawers so that we can all find the clothes that fit him? So many choices!

So I did what any sane woman does, & I immediately got to work on the urgent task of ironing my cloth napkins. I ironed four of them before Charlie started crying. I changed his diaper while he cried. I remembered I was still hungry & stuffed two slices of cheese in my mouth before sitting down to nurse. A couple minutes in to feeding him on my left side, I notice that the right side of me is soaking wet. I picked the wrong side to start on & was leaking everywhere. I probably should have pumped.

But it’s all worth it, because my napkins are ironed. And to make sure my day is extra productive, I’m writing this here blog post on my iPhone, with one thumb while nursing & leaking & being barfed on.

I feel like I haven’t gotten anything done since Charlie was born. About 10 hours after his birth, I remember briefly thinking, “Wow, I haven’t done anything productive today. Wait– I had a baby. That gets to count.” I need to remind myself that while I’m completing very few tasks, it’s because I’m working on this one very important long-term project. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go change my shirt & hunt down a clean nursing bra so that they can get barfed on in an hour.


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