Breast Feeding Like a Common Mammal

Yesterday, a friend came to visit me & Charlie, & she brought her two little girls along with her. (She also brought a bunch if scones & potato salad, because I’ve never been so hungry or so incapable of preparing food in my life.) One of her girls is four, & the other is two. They were super excited to meet a real live baby (& two real live cats). Towards the end of the visit, Charlie got fussy & I started to breast feed him. The four-year-old is standing next to me, watching intently.

4-Year-Old: “What is she doing?” (I gathered that all babies are female in the minds of my young visitors.)
Me: “He’s drinking his dinner.”
4-Year-Old: “What is she drinking?”
Me: “Milk.”
4-Year-Old: “Out of your BOOB?!”

Right? Everyone else is thinking the same thing. Except for Charlie. He fully grasps that this is the whole reason boobs were invented, & he seems to have no problem with the two of us being common mammals.

My friend explained to her daughter that she ate like this when she was a little baby too, but I don’t think her daughter was buying it. I was advised that Charlie & I were probably confused; milk comes from bottles.


Charlie enjoys the baby items brought by our visitors.


One comment

  1. Oh, I have not laughed like this for a good while! You know Kate, you could have come up with quite the clever answer to “What’s she drinking?” had it not been for your dear friend, the four year old’s Mother being present.

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