Fashion Tips for Pregos: Compression Sock Edition

I’ve done more traveling in the last few weeks than I’d done in the previous couple years. Which is to say I took two trips on airplanes. You’ve already seen the magnificent photo of my in my maternity swimsuit in Florida, so your life should pretty much be complete. But clearly you crave more information about the fashion choices of a jet-setting 6-month pregnant lady. In that case, you should know about the prominent role played by compression socks.

Me and Andy at the airport on our way out of Florida. We're sad because vacation is over, and also because it's time to put on my compression socks.

Me and Andy at the airport on our way out of Florida. We’re sad because vacation is over, and also because it’s time to put on my compression socks.

These need to be worn by pregnant ladies traveling by air to reduce the risk of blood clots, and, more importantly for me, to keep those varicose veins from becoming any more heinous than they already are. The socks are pretty much made of seat belts, and at least in our household, it’s a two-person job to get them on. I recommend undertaking this activity in the waiting area by the gate of your flight, because it’s quite the show and you’ll be wanting a captive audience. I was flying solo to and from California for my shower last weekend though, so I had to adapt the double act to a graceful, one-person ballet. It got the job done, but this particular airport-based physical comedy routine works better with two players. I look forward to getting the act back together for future flights (of which I hope there are none, since I’m in my third trimester now and would prefer to stay on the couch/not go into labor while connecting at Dallas Fort Worth).

Compression socks and stockings are recommended for daily use in those of us who are knocked up, and officially you’re supposed to put them on first thing in the morning and take them off before you go to bed. Unofficially, you just need to wear them on airplanes so that your legs don’t explode. I did buy the recommended maternity compression tights. I wore them once. I shan’t wear them again. I used all my physical strength getting them on the first time and now I’m dead.

At this point, my plan for dealing with my truly marvelous varicose veins is to have this child, and then promptly attack my legs with laser beams.

My baby shower in California last weekend, by the way, was super lovely. I may or may not post more about it later; I haven’t yet figured out the most appropriate and entertaining way to blog about it yet. Top contenders are “It was lovely! Here are pictures!” (appropriate) and “Here’s the story about the guest(s) whose behavior was comically terrible!” (entertaining). I’m leaning towards the one with the pretty pictures.


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