Non-Adventures in Glucose Screening

I had wanted to post this immediately after my last doctor’s appointment, but I was on my way to a fabulous Florida vacation & wasn’t able to get my act together. These are the dangers of having a super-fabulous lifestyle.

Apparently at my March appointment when my doctor told me they would give the the glucose drink at my next check up, she meant they would physically hand me the bottle of orange goo. And then they’d tell me to remember to drink it an hour before I show up at my May appointment. And then, in May, they’d draw my blood and tell me how much gestational diabetes I had. So I did waste a good donut-eating morning on rice cakes, but the good news is that I get to eat all the donuts I want on this vacation, because no one has yet told me that I can’t.

For the image to go with this post, I’d wanted to take a picture of the giant orange drink, but I left it in my work fridge. Then I was going to do an artist’s rendering of said drink in crayon, but I forgot about it until I was already at the airport. Then I was going to make one on some kind of a drawing app, but then fuck it. So use your imagination. And if you’re real nice, later I’ll instead post a picture of me in my amazing, hand-me-down, maternity swim suit.


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