Adventures in Glucose Screening

I do my 25-ish week checkup in four hours. This is the one with the glucose screening, where they have you drink a bunch of jelly bean juice, wait for an hour, and then they tell you you’re diabetic now. At least that’s how it seems to go with my lady friends. The risk factors for gestational diabetes include being overweight pre-pregnancy (check) and having a family history of diabetes (double-check: both sides of the family! So, Yahtzee?)

Goodbye, sparkling lemonade. I'm heading out; I hope I can drink you tonight.

Goodbye, sparkling lemonade. I’m heading out; I hope I can drink you tonight.

I apparently don’t have to fast in advance of this test, but dry toast is the only approved food. I’m having rice cakes; I hope that gets the job done. (I say “apparently” because I was stuck in meetings all day yesterday and couldn’t call my doctor to find out if I had to fast. I texted my mother-in-law to see if she’d call my doctor to see what the deal was for me. So officially, this is second-hand information.) I’m going to bring a bag of rice cakes along with me during my travels today, but I’m prepared to be super hungry. Because I don’t want rice cakes; I want 27 chocolate donuts. And some sparkling lemonade.

Fingers crossed that everything comes back negative; I really want to have some lemonade this afternoon.


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