Freaking Out About the Nursery

WPA print from the 1930s, and the sort of thing that should be all over the nursery. Via

WPA print from the 1930s, and the sort of thing that should be all over the nursery. Via

The time has come: We have to prep a nursery (a.k.a. the far end of our bedroom) right quick, before I get too big to be an effective decorator. There’s been a little bit of a delay, you see. Apart from me generally feeling like crap much farther into my pregnancy than is generally considered acceptable, I’m kind of freaking out about the colors. We know we want to do a “Forests of North America” theme, but I have concerns about the exact color scheme. Because if I choose incorrectly, Fetus Pal will grow up in a visually oppressive environment and it will be my first failure as a mother. I think I’m going with Benjamin Moore’s “spruce green” with “pinecone” trim (or more accurately, their generic equivalents from Home Depot). But what if “pinecone” causes the baby to have a daily rage stroke? My cousin Katrina is having a baby a couple weeks after me; should I steal her nursery scheme and switch to aqua and yellow? These are things I need to be concerned about.

Because Andy and I both spent several years working in attractions at Disneyland; we can’t just pick color. All rooms need a theme. Just so you know what goes on in our house right now:

What our guest room looks like (in my vision). Photo from

What our guest room looks like (in my mind). Photo from

Parlour: 1840s Parsonage Land

Basement: Tiki Lounge (soon to be converted into Father-In-Law’s Living Quarters Land)

Guest Room: George Washington’s Mount Vernon (work in progress. We mostly got as far as painting it bright green like his dining room, but we have plans.)

Kitchen: Kitchen Land (but a 1950s kitchen, so it’s okay.)

Bathroom: French Provincial Land

Bedroom: Unfolded Laundry Land

So, I feel pretty good about adding Forests of North America Land into the mix generally, but I worry about the exact execution. I got pretty bored of worry about my health and the physical wellbeing of the increasingly large fetus living inside me. So I’m switching to worrying about nursery decor for now. It seems like the right thing to do.



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